Our Story

La Cocina At Home ready meal range is at heart a family that work together under the watchful eye of Cliff, who strives to wear his chef’s hat and lead his family team.  Our family team is made up of Laurie, wife of Cliff, Ellen the youngest daughter and Sarah, our niece, who did not know what she was signing up for when she opted to come and live with us in Spain!!

Our ready meal range was created in our Restaurant La Cocina kitchen in 2012 and has grown from customers requests to take our meals home for the nights they wanted to dine at home with a movie.

The great thing about our family working together is that we are all striving for the same end game – a great quality meal, prepared with care.  We are involved with every step of the making of the meals from product development, sourcing the ingredients, creating our recipes and cooking the meals, packing and labelling and delivery to our customers.

There are no fancy machines here, all our fresh vegetables and trimmed and chopped by hand, our fish and meat are all laboriously filleted and trimmed by Cliff, no nasty bits get passed him!  Our creative and interesting sauces are carefully prepared and seasoned so the flavours have the same delicious consistency and all our pastry is made by hand to provide you with the short crust, delicious buttery flavour.

We also take pride that all our ingredients are locally sourced and our packaging is made from recyclable pressed board. The only oil we use in all our cooking is olive oil, we feel very strongly about that!

We are very proud to see how this range of meals has grown and we all strive to continue to offer our clients quality and healthy options as many of our meals are gluten free and we also have a varied range of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Our packaging

Sustainable board packaging for a brighter future.

Our carefully sourced packaging is pressed board, unrivalled in regards to quality, hygiene and product development. With sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions for you!

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